R&D Vision

Research & Development

1. Development of bio-active substances from natural sources

We extract the effective substances from natural sources by using the difference of polarity, molecular weight, solubility and boiling point to repeat activity-guided fractionation. We then examine and provide the structure of the  effective substances by using a nuclear rnagnetic resonance spectrometer and mass spectrometer.

Field of research : Whitening, hair growth, anti-aging, anti-wrinkles, anti-bacteria, preservation, anti-inflammation, diabetes, benign prostatic hyperplasia, etc.

2. Development of bio-active extracts from natural sources

We provide highly concentrated extracts of bio-active substances by selectively extracting bio-active substances using preprocessing methods such as oriental methods (steaming and drying in alcohol nine times) and fermentation, and also ultrasound sonication / supercritical extraction.

3. Development of nano-hybrid material of functional base material

In the case of functional material that is effective but has problems when used, such as instability or low permeation into the skin, we develop hybrid material using nano-technology.

4. Development of functional material using enzymes

We provide bio-active material by bio-converting natural substances using various enzymes.

5. Development of new substances using structure-activity relationship analysis on bio-active material

Research & Development2

6. Examples of development of nature-origin material