Skin Care / Whitening


Melatein X
INCI Cyclohexanediol bis-ethylhexanoate
Properties Effectiveness
Country of origin Made in Korea
Dermal effectiveness Whitening
Expiration date 2 years from manufacturing, 6 months from opening
Storage method Store in room temperature (keep in a refrigerator for longer storage)
Rate of Addition Soap Approximately 1~3%
Shampoo Approximately 1~3%
Skin Approximately 1~2%
Lotion Approximately 1~2%
Detailed information Preservation None
Color Colorless
Odour Typical
Assay More than 98%
Product information
Substance Ethylhexanoate, Cyclohexanediol bis
Dermal effectiveness
  • Colorless soluble oil that suppresses the genes related to melanin production
  • 100 times more effective than arbutin in suppressing melanin
  • Clinical trials demonstrate whitening effects after 4 weeks
    (patented by company’s research center / whitening ingredient in famous cosmetics)
  • Experience whitening effects such as less stains and freckles and control of melanin after 4 weeks
  • See “melanogenesis”

  • Such effects are based on the data researched and developed directly by RNS Inc.
  • We recommend patch tests because our products are highly concentrated and can induce allergic reactions.
  • Recommended dosage is based on its effectiveness, and its rate is relative to the total dosage.
    Therefore, when adding other extracts, the dosage must be adjusted.
  • When used more than the recommended dosage, there can by irritation or trouble on skin.
  • This product is not for eating. Please seek medical advice when ingested.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water if product gets into eyes.